Our Mission: as our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grass-roots initiatives to plant trees and educate participants in measuring, monitoring and reporting on tree health and growth.

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Covid-19 Volunteer Opportunities

Explore our current volunteer opportunities, and complete the short form below to become part of Team ACER!

ACER’s Cover Me COVID-19 Ambassadors

In July, 2020, the Toronto Medical Officer of Health reported that people who live in the city’s lowest tree canopy areas have been hit hardest by COVID-19. As a result of worsening hardships in these areas, ACER has crafted a special volunteer position. 

Our Cover Me COVID-19 Ambassadors will help us bring proper, healthy shade and beauty to areas that need it most. Be one of the first volunteers for field-tested pandemic protocol tree planting activities, taking place in October 2020 in Bramalea SNAP revitalization areas.

We encourage our ambassadors to:

  • Invite a friend to explore our current volunteer opportunities
  • Help us locate new potential Planting for Change sites in Ontario, where ACER staff will train community members to plant, maintain, measure, and monitor the growth of trees over time

Other Opportunities in the Field

  • Go Global: Visit our international forest biodiversity plots in Southern Ontario, and collect annual tree measurement data.
  • Riparian Rangers: Visit our tagged trees in riparian zones across Southern Ontario, and collect annual tree measurement data.
  • Planting for Change: Visit schoolyards around the Golden Horseshoe, and collect annual tree measurement data.
  • TreeCaching Trails: Visit our established trails and conduct tree data checkups.

Other Opportunities at Home

  • Graphic Design: Use your skills to create graphics for social media, program materials, and other communications endeavours.
  • Web Development: Work with us to update our website and streamline content.
  • Marketing: Develop and deliver marketing content focused on our programs.
  • Data Entry: Enter, map, and analyze tree measurement data collected in the field.
  • Social Media: Create digital content for our social media channels, and help us get the word out about ACER.