Trees or Shrubs: Nannyberry

Latin Name: Viburnum lentago L.

General Description: Has a slender crooked trunk and a very open irregular crown of a few arching branches. Member of the Honeysuckle family, the Nannyberry occasionally becomes a tree in Canada. Grows along riverbanks and the shores of lakes.

Leaves: Are shed annually and are opposite on the twigs in the same way as Maples and Dogwoods. Leaves are 2-5 inches long, simple, egg-shaped to narrowly oval, draws out to a slender tip, hairless, finely and sharply toothed at edges, yellowish-green above with tiny dark brown dots underneath the leaf.

Nannyberry leaves








Twigs: Slender, smooth, pale brown, disagreeable smell when broken.

Nannyberry stem








Fruit: Berry-like, bluish-black, 1/3 to 1/2 inch.

Sources used: The Forest Trees of Ontario by J. H. White revised by R. C. Hosie (1980).