Large Shrubs or Small Trees: One-Seed Hawthorn

Latin Name: Crataegus monogyna

Other common names: Common Hawthorn

General Description: Shrub or small tree reaching a height of 8-10 m.

Bark: Bark of older stems dark gray to brownish, slightly scaly.

oneseed hawthorn bark







Leaves: Alternate, simple and deciduous, firm texture; deeply cleft with two or three lateral lobes on each side and one terminal lobe, dark green above.

oneseed hawthorn leaves








Twigs: Branchlets slender and smooth, bearing short, sharp thorns usually less than 2 cm long.

oneseed hawthorn branch







Fruit: Bright red, 5-8 mm wide, thin flesh around single nutlet; bears September and October.

Flowers: Numerous, anthers pink to red, flowers May and June.

Sources used: Native Trees of Canada by R.C. Hosie (1980).