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Trees: White Spruce

Latin Name: Picea glauca

white spruce needles








General Description: Medium-sized trees, up to 25 m high, 60 cm in diameter and 200 years old.

Leaves: Straight, stiff, 15-22 mm long, tip pointed but not sharp, green to bluish-green, lines of white dots on all sides. Unpleasantly pungent when crushed.

White Spruce_leaves









Twigs: Shiny, light greenish-gray, often tinged with orange or purple, hairless, leaf-cushions rounded, grooves open. Crown broadly conical, ragged, irregular, densely foliated, but spire-like in northern parts of the range.

Seed cones: Slender, cylindrical, 3-6 cm long, blunt-tipped, stalkless. Scales light brown, thin, tough, smooth. Cones open in late summer, seeds released from late summer to spring.

Sources used: Trees in Canada by John Laird Farrar (2006).