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Trees: Hop tree

Latin Name: Ptelea trifoliata L.

General Description: Slender, sometimes crooked trunk that divides near the ground, has a wide round crown of many short intertwining branches. Tree ranges as far south as Mexico, but only reaches the southern part of Ontario.

Leaves: Alternate, 4-6 inches long, divided into three parts on a long stalk, edges are generally without teeth, sharp tip, shiny dark green above, has soft hair underneath.

hop tree leaves








Twigs: Slender, dark reddish-brown, buds are small roundish and yellow.

hop tree stem








Fruit: One of two-seeds inside each fruit, in dense clusters which stay on the tree most of the winter.

Flowers: Grows in clusters at the end of the twigs, greenish-white.

Sources used: Native Trees of Canada by R.C. Hosie (1990).