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Trees: Basswood

Latin Name: Tilia americana L.

Other Common Names: Lime-Tree and Whitewood.

Leaves: Leaf is large, 5 inches or more long and nearly as wide, usually heart-shaped with one side rounder than the other at the base; has a tip at the end. The edges are serrate.

Basswood leaves









Twigs: Reddish, covered with a grayish skin, inner bark is very tough.

basswood stem








Fruit: Fruit is found in clusters. The individual fruit is small, dry, woody pea-like and coated in tawny hairs and usually containing one seed. The fruits persist into the winter.

Flowers: The flowers are creamy-yellow, fragrant and arranged in a radiate cluster on a long common stalk.

Sources used: The Forest Trees of Ontario by J. H. White revised by R. C. Hosie (1980).