Our Mission: as our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grass-roots initiatives to plant trees and educate participants in measuring, monitoring and reporting on tree health and growth.

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Mulch, Measure, and MOR

Mulch, Measure, and MOR (Measure Our Resources): Everything you need to get started planting, measuring, and monitoring the growth of your trees.

Illustrated Guides (PDF)

  1. ACER’s Planting Procedure — An illustrated guide to planting and measuring trees.
  2. ACER’s Mulching 101 — Why we mulch our trees and how to do so.
  3. ACER’s Shovelling 101 — Anatomy of a shovel and how to use one safely.
  4. ACER’s Measuring Our Resources — An activity guide for use in schoolyards or for distance learning.
  5. ACER’s Guide to Measuring a Small Tree — Get started learning how to measure small trees.

Request Forms (PDF)

  1. Mulch Request (City of Mississauga) — Request mulch for your schoolyard.

Training Videos (YouTube)

How to Monitor a Small Tree or Shrub

YouTube Video: How to Monitor a Small Tree or Shrub, ACER Training Video

Measuring Diameter at Breast Height

YouTube Video: Measuring Diameter at Breast Height, ACER Training Video

How to Measure Crown Diameter

YouTube Video: How to Measure Crown Diameter, ACER Training Video