OUR MISSION: ACER ACER supports communities, government agencies and corporations in taking action to reduce biodiversity loss and strengthen climate resilience by increasing and monitoring urban and riparian zone forest canopy.

Mulch, Measure, and MOR

Mulch, Measure, and MOR (Measure Our Resources): Everything you need to get started planting, measuring, and monitoring the growth of your trees.

Illustrated Guides (PDF)

  1. ACER’s Planting Procedure — An illustrated guide to planting and measuring trees.
  2. ACER’s Mulching 101 — Why we mulch our trees and how to do so.
  3. ACER’s Shovelling 101 — Anatomy of a shovel and how to use one safely.
  4. ACER’s Measuring Our Resources — An activity guide for use in schoolyards or for distance learning.
  5. ACER’s Small Tree Measurement Protocol — Get started learning how to measure small trees.

Request Forms (PDF)

  1. Mulch Request (City of Mississauga) — Request mulch for your schoolyard.

Training Videos (YouTube)

How to Monitor a Small Tree or Shrub

YouTube Video: How to Monitor a Small Tree or Shrub, ACER Training Video

Measuring Diameter at Breast Height

YouTube Video: Measuring Diameter at Breast Height, ACER Training Video

How to Measure Crown Diameter

YouTube Video: How to Measure Crown Diameter, ACER Training Video