OUR MISSION: As our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grassroots initiatives to plant trees, and educates on how to measure, monitor and report on tree health and growth

Online Articles


Jan 29. Has global oil production peaked? By David R. Francis, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.

Jan. 30. How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age… By Thom Hartmann, Commondreams.org

Jul. 12. By 2050 Warming to Doom Million Species, Study Says By John Roach, National Geographic News.


Jan. 6. Warming planet shifts life north and early By Kendall Powell, Nature.com – News.

May 5. New study reinforces global warming claims By Dan Whipple, The Star – Tribune

Dec. 2 “No Doubt” Human Activity Is Affecting Global Climate, Top Scientists Conclude University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.