OUR MISSION: ACER ACER supports communities, government agencies and corporations in taking action to reduce biodiversity loss and strengthen climate resilience by increasing and monitoring urban and riparian zone forest canopy.



We have divided the resources into four categories:

The first category is Websites where we provide links directly to web sites which deal with climate change.

The second category is Online Articles. In this category we provide links to specific articles dealing with climate change and the web sites location of these articles.

The third category is Blips. In this section we provide a collection of facts that ads up to a “bigger picture.” We also provide some links to web site resources in this section.

The last section is Articles and provides an online collection of articles written which relate to climate change. These are by no means the only resources available but only a few of the many on the internet or in journals and magazines.

We hope you find these resources informative and assist you in your understanding of this complex but vitally important issue. Our response to this issue will determine our future!