OUR MISSION: ACER ACER supports communities, government agencies and corporations in taking action to reduce biodiversity loss and strengthen climate resilience by increasing and monitoring urban and riparian zone forest canopy.

Project Crossroads


Project Crossroads was an initiative that sprung out of our Planting for Change program, with the goal to create more schoolyard mini climate change labs to specifically support urban reforestation in collaboration with the Bramalea Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP) underway at the time in Brampton’s E, F and K sections.  But, just as the program was kicking off, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and schoolyards were off the table so we adapted, targeting instead community sites that were located in low tree canopy areas with high heat vulnerability and where many residents were also facing unmet needs and experiencing worsened conditions as a result of the pandemic.

ACER also developed a new planting protocol specifically adapted to meet pandemic restrictions, with testing completed in collaboration with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and City of Brampton Parks and Forestry.

In all, five community tree planting events were held (from October to November 2020) at three locations in the Knightsbridge area of Bramalea for a total of 153 native trees and shrubs planted and involving 71 volunteers drawn from schools, faith groups, and community organizations. In addition to increasing the urban tree canopy, other successes in the area included enhancing the health and well being of the community and bringing together people outdoors in a safe way during the difficult times of the early pandemic.

ACER is currently exploring future opportunities to replicate this initiatve in other regions/SNAP areas. 


       TD Green Space Program 


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Sites (with links to tree maps)

  • Chelsea Gardens Community Housing
  • Planting Dates: October 7 and 29, 2020

  • Folkstone Park
  • Planting Dates: October 17, 2020 and November 6, 2020 (partial replant)

  • Kings Cross Apartments
  • Planting Date: October 24, 2020