OUR MISSION: As our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grassroots initiatives to plant trees, and educates on how to measure, monitor and report on tree health and growth.

HSY 2009

HYS 2009The Humber Youth Stewardship Project (HYS) is a successful collaboration between several parties interested in engaging youth in the restoration of natural areas in the Humber River Valley. Under the direction of ACER, the City of Toronto and the Humber Arboretum, the 2009 project team consisted of two supervisors and six youth crew members. The site chosen for 2009 at the Humber Arboretum contained several species of native trees which were being threatened by invasive species encroachment in riparian zones. In addition, restoration activities on the site had significant potential to improve wildlife habitat quality.

Report: Humber Youth Stewardship Project (Summer 2009)