Riparian Rangers Mississauga – Iceland Arena Restoration Area

Approximately 95 adult and youth volunteers from the Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church and the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) came out to a community event organized by ACER, the City of Mississauga, and EcoSoure at the Iceland Arena Restoration Area, a buffer zone to Little Etobicoke Creek. The day was a great success – invasive species such as buckthorn were removed, over 200 native trees and shrubs were planted, and community members monitored at least 10% of each tree species planted to establish a baseline for future monitoring years to come.

An essential element to this program is to keep community members engaged to study climate change impacts over a long-term period. Therefore, if you are interested to learn more about this program or wish to volunteer to measure trees next year, please contact our office.

Planting Day: October 18th, 2014
First Monitoring Date: October 18th, 2014
Second Monitoring Date: October 2nd, 2015

Restoration area - before

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