Riparian Rangers

Riparian zones are ecosystems located along the banks of rivers, streams, creeks, or any other water networks. Most commonly, they are narrow strips of land bordering a water source.

Healthy riparian zones provide a variety of important ecosystem services.

Tree and shrub roots increase bank and shoreline stability. Trimming or removal of vegetation can cause increased surfaced runoff, altered stream flow and unstable stream banks. Stream and riparian corridors are used by more wildlife than any other habitat type. Riparian zones are valuable areas, as water flowing from land into waterways often flows into sources of drinking water. Vegetation along these areas acts to slow the flow of water, allowing for increased infiltration and less erosion.

Yet, riparian zones are threatened by a variety of factors including overgrazing, logging, agriculture, dams and human development.

Since 2014, ACER has collaborated with several partners on Riparian Rangers projects. Click on the links below to learn more:

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