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Humber Arboretum Experimental Plot 2

In Fall 2013, ACER established the second Humber Arboretum Experimental Plot, located above the Biodiversity Experimental Plot in the Humber Arboretum. There were 18 trees planted from three different nurseries in Ontario: Earthgen, St. Williams, and Bob Baker Forestry Services. The goal of this experiment was to compare the growth of the yellow birch and sycamore trees in the different latitudes in Ontario to the growth rates at Humber Arboretum. Humber Arboretum is located within the urban heat island of Toronto, which is nearly 4 degrees Celsius warmer than rural Ontario. Students from St. Joan of Arc Secondary School planted, measured and mulched the trees. Sycamore trees are planted in rows on the south side and yellow birch trees were planted on the north side. There is a deer fence around the trees. The growth measurements will be taken every year.

Sponsor: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Fall 2013 Data
Fall 2014 Data

Map of the Humber Biodiversity Experimental Plot #2 trees
Map of EarthGen Native Plants trees

Planting Day Fall 2013

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