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Boyne River

The information below has been taken from Weiler, 2009, Page 8
The Boyne River Outdoor Education Centre is located 2 km North of Hwy 89 near the Town of Primrose. 

The plot is located at the top of a steep hill North of the main building on a relatively flat area close to the forest edge and adjacent to a fenced farmer’s field.

The forested area appears to be relatively healthy, with no signs of blow down or invasive infestation.
The forest has approximately 20-25% fallen trees, with a higher proportion of downed trees on the stepper slope.

There is a considerable human impact on the northwest edge, because the Bruce trail runs along it.

For the purpose of this study, one of the original quadrats (Q1) randomly selected was replaced because site vandalism along the trail was substantial. Tags had been ripped out and areas near the trail were heavily maintained by trail clearing and removal of hazardous trees. Many of the trees need to be retagged; the original tags were fastened with coated wire around the tree and they are beginning to become overgrown. Although the Outdoor Education Centre has been closed for nearly six years, the site still has occasional visitors, including Hydro One officials clearing trees for power lines, a weekly maintenance worker at the Outdoor Education facilities, and occasional hikers along the Bruce Trail.

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