Go Global

Go Global is a network of one-hectare plots, which demonstrate the effectiveness of local monitoring and reporting of environmental change in long-term forest biodiversity monitoring programs.

ACER and its community partners monitor and report changes in one-hectare forest plots representative of regional ecosystems by trained volunteers using Smithsonian / Environment Canada protocols.

Twelve one-hectare plots along Southern Ontario’s escarpment were inventoried and measured in according Smithsonian’s international forest research protocols.  This project, called NEBRS, began in 1996, and we have a database that plots the data collected then.

These activities involve the community in understanding the consequences of climate change and human impact on our ecosystems and enable comparison with global forests. See www.canadabiodiversity.ca where 6 of 14 science posters include ACER’s work.


Humber Arboretum (Toronto)
Royal Botanical Garden (Hamilton)
Boyne River (Shelburne)
Paradise Grove Park (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Bannockburn Conservation Area (Ausable Bayfield)
Glen Bernard camp
Other locations

If you’re interested in knowing more about the program, click here for the Go Global manual.

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