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It is widely recognized that trees are vitally important for life on Earth. Trees, not only, produce oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide but they are responsible for calming us, cooling us, retaining our soil, cleaning our air, providing fibre and wood and keeping us safe. That alone should keep us interested their wellbeing and longevity! In addition, trees and forests will help us mitigate and adapt for climate change.

For all these reasons and more, scientists are very interested in studying them and need your help. Scientists are keen to gather data on trees in different environments and for this they need the help of the public. This research informs our understanding and actions with regard to our trees and forests. 

Would you like to be a citizen scientist and gather vital information for our scientists about your trees?

If so, sign up for the ACER’s Citizen Science Program Now!

Become a citizen scientist and gather data and we will help you gain the knowledge and skills to do that. Our program will educate you on the ecology of the local environment, weather and climate; tree monitoring protocols; map making and GPS and data analysis and reporting. Our program will also train you in the skills needed to report your data. We can extend those skills to include training to organise greater community involvement.

Complete our program and receive a Citizen Scientist Certificate of Achievement.

Once you’ve been through our program you will be a trained citizen scientist ready to assist the University research scientists. If you are a high school student you will be able to collect volunteer hours. If you are an adult you can become a registered volunteer and use the learning and experience to help build your resume.

ACER would like to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting the development of this project.



If you or your students have been involved in a planting, monitoring, or tree ID program with ACER since April 15th, 2016, contact Nimesha Basnayaka to enroll your group for level 1 (planting, tree ID) or level 2 (monitoring) certification.


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