West Credit Secondary School – Planting for Change

On Wednesday, November 2, ACER started its 15th Planting for Change site at West Credit Secondary School, Mississauga. The Planting for Change program allows students to collect data on the health and yearly growth of their tree plantings as they explore issues surrounding climate change locally and globally. Hands-on involvement with the planting and data collecting gave each student a sense of personal satisfaction and by the end of the day everyone was proud of their accomplishments. The fieldwork involved gave each student an idea of how easy it is to make a difference, one tree at a time. Thanks to everyone who participated we hope to see you next year for additional measurements!

ACER’s president, Alice Casselman, Program Coordinator, Ana Maria Martinez, Project Lead, Sophie Lu and volunteer Leslie Luxemburger offered sound direction to the students and staff.

To learn more about West Credit’s green initiatives, click here.

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