Guido de Bres High School – Planting for Change

On May 17, 2010 ACER started Guido Bres first Planting for Change Program in Hamilton. The Planting for Change Program allows students to collect data on the health and yearly growth of their tree plantings as they explore issues surrounding climate change locally and globally. ACER helped the high school students and staff plant their way into a beautiful new tree plot. Now ready for data collecting and a whole host of other educational benefits to the students such as the possibility of outdoor classrooms and real field science. Thank you to everyone who helped out, students and staff, and we will see you later this year for maintenance and monitoring.

ACER’s president, Alice Casselman, Intern, Maria Ma, Forestry/Landscaping Consultant, Sadia Butt and ACER Project Coordinator Jason Noronah all helped coordinate the planting.

To learn more about Guido de Bres green initiatives click here.


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