New Humber Arboretum Experimental Plot

On Thurs. Nov. 7th, 2013, Mr. Gucciardi’s grade 12 class from St. Joan of Arc S.S. went to Humber Arboretum to plant sycamore and yellow birch trees at the new experimental plot, located above the biodiversity plot at Humber College North Campus. There were 18 trees planted from three different nurseries: EarthGen in Dunville, Bob Baker Forestry Services in Milton, and St. Williams Nursery in St. Williams, Ontario. The goal of this experiment is to compare the growth of the yellow birch and sycamore trees in the three different nurseries in Ontario to the growth at Humber Arboretum. The Humber Arboretum is located within the urban heat island of Toronto, which is nearly 4 degrees Celsius warmer than rural Ontario, making it an ideal spot to study climate change effects. The benchmark measurements of the 18 trees were taken by the students and volunteers.

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