ACER Featured in Article on Outdoor Education

Andrew Palamarchuk featured ACER in an article about outdoor education in North York during COVID-19. Check out a short excerpt below:

Alice Casselman, a retired science teacher and founding president of the Association of Canadian Educational Resources (ACER), said outdoor educators have now been given “a new lease on life.”

Casselman, 82, said outdoor learning makes classroom lessons come to life. “The time has come to revisit outdoor education in a big way,” she said, adding “all sorts of things” can be taught outside that are relevant to the curriculum and that “enhance and reinforce” classroom learning.

ACER, which provides teachers with outdoor education resources, was formed by Casselman in 1987. “There are various ways in which you can introduce kids to outdoor learning, but teachers need to have a little sense of confidence, and that’s what we do provide,” she said. “The point is to support teachers as they go outside with their kids and have an organized curriculum-based activity.”

Written by Andrew Palamarchuk for

Read the entire article here.

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