Fletcher’s Meadow SS – EcoBuzz 2006

On October 27, 2006 at Fletcher’s Meadow S.S. schools and environmental organizations and companies from around the Region of Peel were brought together at PEYA’s EcoBuzz Conference. Students and teachers took part in workshops that allowed them to learn more about initiatives going on in and around their community, while participating in an interactive manner. […]

Albion Heights – Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch

On May 17, 2005 ACER worked with Albion Heights students and staff to facilitate the “Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch” program at Humber Arboretum. This program offers teachers and environment clubs a unique chance to relate science to technology, society and the environment at our Outdoor Climate Change Laboratory located at the Humber Arboretum. The […]

Humber Arboretum – Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch

Through May 10-18, 2004 ACER facilitated five “Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch” programs with a variety of students. “Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch!” provides a unique opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of scientific investigation through research field trips. Tioralareeword The Programs were a success and students learned valuable lessons in monitoring and environmental […]

Education and Awareness Workgroup

In March 1998, Alice Casselman participated on the Education and Awareness Workgroup formed by the Environmental Task Force created by the City of Toronto. This Task Force’s main goal was to recommend an Environmental Plan for the City of Toronto. SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS: The Environmental Task Force’s Education and Awareness Workgroup recommends that the City […]