Herb Campbell PS – Green Futures Award Ceremony

On Monday, June 20, 2011 ACER attended an Awards Ceremony at Herb Campbell PS, Caledon. The Green Futures National Award is presented to one school across Canada annually that demonstrates environmental sustainability via its initiatives/actions. At Herb Campbell P.S., the environmental initiatives and actions are a collaborative effort on the part of our students, staff, parent volunteers, and school council members. ACER was proud to be a part of Herb Campbell’s green initiative as one of their collaborative partners. Creating a 400m2 tree garden for data collection and monitoring has helped Herb Campbell propel itself into a green revolution. ACER is proud to have been a part of Herb Campbell’s success and wishes them all the best in future endeavors.

ACER’s president, Alice Casselman, P4C Coordinator, Sophie Lu, Volunteer, Nahed, and ACER Program Coordinator, Ana Maria Martinez, all attended the Awards Ceremony to represent ACER’s involvement at Herb Campbell and to celebrate all the hard work put in by teachers and students to win this prestigious award.

To learn more about Herb Campbell’s green initiatives click here.

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