ACER Interns and Associates

This summer ACER the interns from Sheridan College were Murat Oguzsimsaroglu, Souvik Banerjee, Faria Malik, and Kanna Sivakumar. The University of Toronto Scarborough intern was Bahy Salah.

These interns did tree inventories at two Sheridan College campuses. They continued the inventory at the Sheridan College Davis campus started by previous Sheridan interns and began an inventory at the Sherdian College Trafalgar campus. Our Canada Summer Jobs student was Anudakshi Basnayaka. We thank all our summer interns for their hard work. Wai Lam Leung (Alison) from the University of Toronto Mississauga will be with us for the school year. We are happy to be joined by associates Vanessa Alsop, Murat Oguzsimsaroglu, and Flynne Knight.

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