ACER Alumni: Jason Weiler

Part one of ACER’s Where Are They Now? series, a celebration of our wonderful former employees, interns, volunteers, and other folks who have made our work possible. Written by ACER executive board member Elizabeth MacLean. Jason Weiler loves his work as Parks Ecologist in Calgary, where his current project is part of a 10-year strategic […]

Save Toronto’s Historic Red Oak

One of Toronto’s oldest tree needs our help. The Red Oak has stood for at least 250 years, if not longer. It is formally recognized by Forest Ontario’s Heritage Tree program. In September 2019, a commemorative plaque was placed next to the tree that reads as follows: “The large red oak (Quercus rubra) situated in […]

ACER Featured in Article on Outdoor Education

Andrew Palamarchuk featured ACER in an article about outdoor education in North York during COVID-19. Check out a short excerpt below: Alice Casselman, a retired science teacher and founding president of the Association of Canadian Educational Resources (ACER), said outdoor educators have now been given “a new lease on life.” Casselman, 82, said outdoor learning […]

ACER Thanks Knightsbridge Residents for Welcoming Project Crossroads Trees

ACER thanks Knightsbridge residents for welcoming Project Crossroads trees, to contribute much-needed cooling shade and sustained climate change research into areas hardest-hit by COVID-19 pandemic. On October 29, the final of four community tree plantings was installed with local volunteers on the grounds of Peel Living social housing. Adhering to approved Peel Health screening and […]

Fantastic fall planting at Folkstone Park in a SNAP

On October 17 at Folkstone Park and October 24 at Knightsbridge Kings Cross apartments, local residents in Bramalea will be supported in tree planting for climate change research. “These locations sit in low tree canopy areas, where many residents are really hurting as a result of the COVID pandemic,” says Alice Casselman, founder of the Association […]

ACER Lifts Knightsbridge Wellbeing with Project Crossroads for Thanksgiving

On October 7, ACER (Association for Canadian Educational Resources) held its inaugural installation of Project Crossroads community tree planting event, for climate change research. Knightsbridge residents of diverse ages and backgrounds were drawn from schools, faith, and community organizations. “We braced against stormy weather today and difficult times over the past 18 months, to move our concept […]

Project Crossroads Volunteers Needed

We need your help! ACER is hosting Project Crossroads, a series of tree planting events in Brampton made possible with funding from the Arbor Day Foundation.We’re looking for volunteers to join us in Bramalea. We’ve created and field tested COVID-19 planting protocols, which will allows us to beautify the community safely. Volunteers must register in […]

ACER Canada Collaborates with Bramalea SNAP Community Planting to Celebrate 1-Year Launch of Project Crossroads

“I am very big on birthdays,” says Alice Casselman, Founder and President of the Association for Canadian Educational Resources (ACER). The one-year celebration of the Project Crossroads urban reforestation initiative kicks off with the announcement of a trifecta of community tree plantings in Bramalea Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) urban revitalization areas, in Brampton’s E, F, and K […]

ACER: Ready for Back-to-School, with COVID Protocol and Distance Learning Programs

ACER is ready and waiting for back-to-school programs to kick in. In addition to pre-scheduled community tree planting activities and volunteer opportunities for monitoring and maintenance of established school yard tree sites, ACER offers resources on-line at for distance learning units in Ecology 101 and biology, as well as training videos on various aspects of tree planting. Mulching is […]

ACER Reopens in Stage 3 — Field Test of COVID-19 Planting Protocol

On August 6, within one week of Stage 3 reopening for Peel Region that lifted restrictions on group gatherings, nearly 50 reforestation experts, conservation staff and community volunteers gathered at Fleetwood Park in Mississauga, to field test a COVID protocol for community tree planting. “Pinch me!” said an exuberant Alice Casselman, Founder and President of […]