Tracking for Success at St. Igantius Jesuit Centre in Guelph

On December 12th, 2014, the students at St. Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph measured trees planted this past spring to collect the first growth measurements for their long-term tree monitoring data. This site is now a part of ACER’s Tracking for Success program, where 10% of each species is monitored over a long period of […]

P4C Tree Remeasuring at Assumption Catholic E.S.

ACER volunteers and the Grade 3/4 students remeasured Assumption Catholic E.S.’s P4C plot. The trees look very large for their age- the school was built on land that was previously a peach farm. Students learnt how to measure root collar diameter, crown width and diameter at 1.3 m. See photo gallery below for photos from […]

P4C Tree Remeasuring at West Credit S.S.

Thanks to the students at West Credit S.S. in Mississauga for measuring their trees that were planted in 2011. The trees are mostly healthy but were browsed (eaten by animals) near the root collar. The students watched our training videos and then took growth measurements such as root collar diameter, DBH and crown width. See […]

Riparian Rangers – Wildwood Park – Area 3

16 students from City School in Toronto completed the Riparian Rangers program at Wildwood Park (Area D 3). Students planted and monitored 21 trees and shrubs, pulled buckthorn and garlic mustard (invasive species) and removed litter from the area. Thank you to all the students hard work and for being excellent Riparian Rangers! Students planting […]

Community Mapping Workshop

Thanks to all who came to our 2nd Community Mapping Workshop, held at the Fort Erie Conservation Clubhouse in Stevensville, ON. Participants identified areas of ecological concern in the Niagara region. Groups were formed for specific areas in the Niagara region so that each group could review maps provided by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. […]

Riparian Rangers – Wildwood Park – Area 2

On Nov. 6th, 2014 the students from Blaydon Public School planted trees and shrubs at Wildwood Park (Area 2). Students monitored 20 trees/shrubs along the riparian area and also cleaned up litter and pulled invasive species (garlic mustard). Congratulations to the students for completing the Riparian Rangers program! Students taking Measurements Image 1 of 12

Riparian Rangers – Wildwood Park – Area D1

On Wed. Nov. 5th, 2014, the students from Pierre Laporte Middle School planted and monitored trees and shrubs at Wildwood Park (Area D1) as part of the Riparian Rangers program in partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Students also removed litter and invasive species (buckthorn). Thank you to all the students and teachers […]