Want to be a Citizen Scientist?

Willow Park to survey its trees this week

Published by InsideHalton.com on July 26, 2010 (See original source)

Want to know more about how to identify trees and monitor their growth?

Willow Park Ecology Centre Stewardship Committee (WPECSC) has partnered with the Ministry of Natural Resources through their Stewardship Rangers program to survey the local WPEC in the floodplain of Silver Creek where it joins the Credit River.

One goal for WPECSC is to plant and encourage success of vegetation that is native to this South-Central Ontario eco-zone area. Plantings were done in this former trailer park through previous volunteer events and school programs. Now it’s time to assess our results to date and establish a baseline to monitor future growth and changes to the naturalized environment
On July 28, 29, and 30, WPECSC volunteers and the Rangers will be working together to sample the 2.1-hectare eco-park. First, invasive species will be identified and removed from specific 20x20m quadrants. Then, participants will record the small regeneration trees, mature trees and woodlot “health”. This will give an idea of where to plant what types of trees in the future. If you visit the park you might see stakes with markers to identify the areas being surveyed, please don’t disturb the markers as they are important to the future of the program.

This is only the start of the monitoring and regeneration plan. Later, a team of volunteers will revisit and record the progress of the chosen sites annually. The public can monitor the initial surveys and yearly progress when they are posted to the Internet database of various survey sites throughout the province.

“Citizen scientists” (aka volunteers) are invited to join the group on Wednesday to be trained by the Association for Education Resources (ACER), who helps establish monitoring programs using Smithsonian protocols. Then take part as a volunteer on Thursday or Friday (or in the future) in a great outdoor local project.

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