Presentation to Kiwanis Club of Islington

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, ACER was invited by the Kiwanis Club of Islington, and gave a presentation to the club members about “Get your hands and head around Climate Change”. The aim of this club is to serve the community of Etobicoke and the children of the world.

During the presentation, ACER’s president, Alice Casselman, had introduced ACER to the club members and summarized the different projects and programs that they offer and have been a part of. She also spoke to the members about the significance and importance of not only planting trees but also collecting and analysing the data, and how it all ties in to our changing climate. ACER emphasised the importance of green initiative in every person no matter how big or small they act.

Program Coordinator, Ana Maria Martinez, Project Lead, Sophie Lu and Co-op Student, Ryo Ly attended the meeting and offered further specific details about ACER’s programs and what they have achieved to the members of the Kiwanis Club of Islington.

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