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ACER TREEVIA Forest Ecology Quiz

ACER TREEVIA Forest Ecology Quiz

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Canadian scientists run long-term studies to look at effects of forest harvesting techniques on watersheds and fish habitat. Techniques studied are:

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Which of the following forest regions in Canada has the most threatened ecosystem?

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Since trees make their own food, ecologists refer to them as:

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Trees give off excess water through microscopic holes in the leaves called:

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When deciduous trees are defoliated by insects they generally respond by:

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Trees make their own food. What is this process called?

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What are the three main parts of a seed?

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True or False: Fire can be beneficial to a forest.

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On average, what percentage of a tree biomass falls to the forest floor and becomes “litter” each year?

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On average, what percentage of the plant “litter” on the forest floor is eventually turned into soil?

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True or False: Coniferous trees have flowers.

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Leaves are green because of a pigment called:

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Why do green leaves change colour in the fall?

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What is the key difference between softwood and hardwood trees?

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What is an old growth forest?

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