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Marlene Hume

Marlene HumeMarlene VC Hume has worked for 25 years with the Halton School Board in Ontario.

At the Oakville Trafalgar High School she teaches geography, Grades 9,11 qnd 12. She also holds the Special Education Resource Teacher position and is a specialist in Special Education for Gifted children and children with Learning Disabilities.

She is an instructor for Paddle Canada Sea Kayak and a guide for White Squall of Parry Sound, ON. She worked for 16 years at Outward Bound in Hurricane Island, Maine.

Marlene holds a BES of the University of Waterloo with Joint Honours in Earth Science and Geography. She holds a BEd from York University in Continuing Education and a BEd from Queens University in Outdoor and Experiential Education. She graduated from McMaster University with a Masters in Science.