Our Mission: as our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grass-roots initiatives to plant trees and educate participants in measuring, monitoring and reporting on tree health and growth.

Celebrate 35 Years of ACER in the Community –  Donate Today for Climate’s Sake!

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Celebrating 35 Years in the Community!

The year 2022 marks a very special year for the Association for Canadian Educational Resources (ACER) as it coincides with a major milestone: 35 years working with schools and communities to help care for the environment.

We can all take pride in ACER’s successes over the years and we hope you will celebrate this very special milestone with us, by making a special donation to ACER’s 35 Years and Growing Anniversary Campaign.

Founded in 1987 by Alice Casselman, a high school science teacher in search of Canadian study materials, ACER has focussed since the start on TREES and has planted and monitored thousands over the years, and provided education about their crucial role in the health of our climate and our lives. Hundreds of teachers, students and community volunteers have been inspired by Alice’s vision. ACER programs have helped communities at large understand the importance of environmental stewardship and climate action and restore and grow the green spaces that are critical to sustaining our environment and cleansing our air. Click here to read more about ACER’s History and Origins Story.

By giving to ACER, you are helping ACER support science-based community climate action. Every tree we plant and monitor together helps keep our communities green, safe and healthy.  Enjoy the remainder of the year and stay tuned for more ACER news!

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