Planting for Change (P4C)

We help your class create a schoolyard planting site that acts as a mini-climate change outdoor classroom/lab – an easily accessible teaching tool to complement curriculum relating to climate change. Students will collect data on the health and yearly growth of their tree plantings as they explore issues surrounding climate change locally and globally. Hands-on involvement with the planting site throughout the process engages them and helps make the issues of climate change relevant to them at a level of complexity they can understand.

Teachers who want to address climate change and plant trees on their schoolyards, which are often wide open lawns and sports fields with little tree cover, can engage their students in this practical way. The outdoor classroom/lab supports geography, math, science, world studies and next year’s curriculum focus on climate change.

Our program is funded by Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Program, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Canadian Tree Fund, Maple Leaves Forever, Ontario Trillium Foundation and Earth Day Canada Community Environment Fund.

Please click on a school marked on the map to view their P4C page.

Schools marked with yellow: P4C sites planted 2015
Schools marked with blue: P4C sites planted 2008-2014
Schools marked with white: P4C sites to be planted in 2016

To get an idea of how Planting for Change is implemented, please see our first steps guide.
If you’d like to have Planting for Change at your school, click here for an application form.

For more information email Mike McMillan at

Already have a P4C site? Click here for some resources.

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